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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

cut that tape, cut it out, cut the crap, cut-off point

(detail from Ghost of a Tree 3 - with apologies to Munch, Van Gough, and Blake)

I got whisked off by Martin, out the blue, on Saturday. We went to Eyam, which is a charming Peak District village whose main claim to fame is having been ravaged by the plague in the 1600s. I also got to meet Eleanor, who's come up to our provincial county for a few days, and who's lovely and funny - you should be reading her weblog, which features here. It's like Lilly Allens, but less caustic and more varied. So we took in the ambience of the village whose people starred death in the face and mostly died.

That evening I got to see Superman Returns, which was the very most shallow and delightful kinda film - it's fair to say that a 10 second bit of rehashed Marlon Brando easily outacted everyone else in it! But this was a spectacle, and Superman is at his best when he's just saving the world without having to deal with some crippling existential angst, social battle, or tendancy to be hip and cool like most superheroes seem to do.

The next day was spent locked in my room, drawing some BIG towaring black clouds and clashing shafts of light onto A1 tracing paper. It's an image I've been trying to sort out for a couple of years, and is all about resolving how romance has led to a fair amount of emotional overload and heartpain at times. It was all a bit intense, what with the Nick Cave, Primal Scream, Super Furry Animals, and New Order soundtrack blasting out my tapeplayer. So I had to run up to the loft and paint a few wistful little fluffy clouds throught the skylight, to calm down. Actually I needed to do this, today, when my gardening client appeared to have no faith in my horticultural judgement whatsoever. Gah, I hate having to hold back a sarcastic comeback and just offer a ptihy platittude to the paying customer. Cos you do spy on me, you are cloyingly hard-nosed, and you interferre when I'm doing summit very competantly. Oh yes you do, you smug organic obsessive N.I.M.B.Y.

Oh looky, it's the Mercury Prize shortlist. It's got to be Thom Yorke or Sway, if quality's any measure. But where on earth are ¬°Forward Russia!? Perhaps they'll make it onto the third annual PL alternative prize, if they're ever so lucky.


Blogger Martin said...

Lily Allen, eh? I note that she's a friend of Richard Dawkins, I'm sure that will please you.

As is obligatory, I note that the Mercury Music Prize can only include 12 albums, so the round of That Shouldn't Have Been Included! and This Should Have! is so, so pointless. And I say Richard Hawley to win.

6:35 PM  
Blogger Martin said...

Or maybe Lou Rhodes. I haven't heard her solo stuff, but Lamb were terrific.

6:43 PM  
Blogger postliberal said...

Were - have they stopped now that the members are doing solo stuff?

It's not pointless, it's just unlikely to have any real outcome! ;) We all like to play soaf critic with the media, for sure. I'd bump Editors out the way - grande as they are, they're not quite so 'new'.

2:23 PM  
Anonymous eleanor said...

I've just realised you wrote about me in here! thank you!

i like lily allen, does this mean i'ma chav?

12:09 AM  

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