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Thursday, June 15, 2006

moved by some spirit

Here're three dreams I've had in the last week - a very busy time! The Forth was less colourful, so I've omitted it. Each ended with waking up...

The people with sharp teeth
(The latest vampire episode, in a long series)

Some bumbling Victorian figure, like a ragged Dr Watson, comes running into the high Church we're in. They're coming, he says with great urgency. So we few did what we could; I grabbed a big hymn notice sign and set it on an easel facing the door. Anything with any supernatural power must be used, to hold them back. Sat on a pew, I saw them start to enter and walk to whever we're sitting in the nave. They had wikedly sharp teeth, in rows like sharks, and looked hungry and ready. Two - a female and a youngster - came and sit next to me. I recoiled desperately, as close to Mary as I could. But they were very close anyway. I saw all those people who're left, like me, kissing invisible tongues suspended in front of their faces, and I knew they'll soon turn as well. I knew there were only two ways out, now - the back door went through somewhere utterly dark, with an unamed terror. If I went through there, I'd have to ignore it if I was to get through unharmed, which was no tall order. Or else I could go through the front door, and be chased down and torn up by all the sharp teeth. They huddled round in a horseshoe shaped bunch, while I stood there, ready. The head of them all, with his long back hair, fell on the floor saying "oh no no no " again and again in his mildly amused way. Later, on a second floor of some 60s-built school room, I asked Mary if she could help me get out. We went along the window until there was a bit of flat roof near by, and I jumped. I think I pulled her with me...


The two of us were hiding below the edge of an open-air swimming-pool, in a lido complex, hiding from a bunch of various people in uniform. We had to find a way out, through various paths and through jump boards and dive boards. I was standing amongst some yew trees, in the dusk light. I was going to watch on the lone occupant, a frail Margaret Thatcher. But she knew I was there, and came out. I tried keeping close to the wall, but she came closer, and I had to run for it. "Wait!", she cried, but I dashed towards a gate in the plastic-covered metal link fence, wondering if I could leap over the fence on the other side of the road...

Where the hell did football come from?

I heard the results of a football team - somewhere slightly exotic and obscure - playing against that of Derby. It was 5-20...


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