tag : bright yellow-green apples: June 2006

"I see little point in persisting in a discussion with one so obstinate as you" Martin White

Thursday, June 15, 2006

moved by some spirit

Here're three dreams I've had in the last week - a very busy time! The Forth was less colourful, so I've omitted it. Each ended with waking up...

The people with sharp teeth
(The latest vampire episode, in a long series)

Some bumbling Victorian figure, like a ragged Dr Watson, comes running into the high Church we're in. They're coming, he says with great urgency. So we few did what we could; I grabbed a big hymn notice sign and set it on an easel facing the door. Anything with any supernatural power must be used, to hold them back. Sat on a pew, I saw them start to enter and walk to whever we're sitting in the nave. They had wikedly sharp teeth, in rows like sharks, and looked hungry and ready. Two - a female and a youngster - came and sit next to me. I recoiled desperately, as close to Mary as I could. But they were very close anyway. I saw all those people who're left, like me, kissing invisible tongues suspended in front of their faces, and I knew they'll soon turn as well. I knew there were only two ways out, now - the back door went through somewhere utterly dark, with an unamed terror. If I went through there, I'd have to ignore it if I was to get through unharmed, which was no tall order. Or else I could go through the front door, and be chased down and torn up by all the sharp teeth. They huddled round in a horseshoe shaped bunch, while I stood there, ready. The head of them all, with his long back hair, fell on the floor saying "oh no no no " again and again in his mildly amused way. Later, on a second floor of some 60s-built school room, I asked Mary if she could help me get out. We went along the window until there was a bit of flat roof near by, and I jumped. I think I pulled her with me...


The two of us were hiding below the edge of an open-air swimming-pool, in a lido complex, hiding from a bunch of various people in uniform. We had to find a way out, through various paths and through jump boards and dive boards. I was standing amongst some yew trees, in the dusk light. I was going to watch on the lone occupant, a frail Margaret Thatcher. But she knew I was there, and came out. I tried keeping close to the wall, but she came closer, and I had to run for it. "Wait!", she cried, but I dashed towards a gate in the plastic-covered metal link fence, wondering if I could leap over the fence on the other side of the road...

Where the hell did football come from?

I heard the results of a football team - somewhere slightly exotic and obscure - playing against that of Derby. It was 5-20...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

shouty apologia

With the advent of summer (come on now, all you naysayers, it's definately the season), a gardener is much more in demand at the moment. It's wonderfully satisfying, and, as my mind can often become fitful and manically full of static, very good for clearing my thoughts. But it does tend to mean that a lot of other things can get sidelined, when I get home and quickly head out into our own garden for a while. So, whilst I get to listen to a lot of fine radio while I'm out there (such as Heresy, which does the remarkable job of making David Baddiel seem refreshingly witty and lucid), I do struggle to keep up friendly relations with everyone at the same time. But at least I get to talk to a lot of quirky fellow bus passengers, at the same time. I'm sure some of you out there notice when I'm gone, and I can only plead that I mean well!

Today's best single? Atlantis to Interzone by Klaxons! It's brilliant! Listen to it!