tag : bright yellow-green apples: May 2006

"I see little point in persisting in a discussion with one so obstinate as you" Martin White

Monday, May 15, 2006

the beautiful and the strange

Good evening, Clarice

Onto more highbrow music, now, as I feel moved to point you in the direction of this year's Rieth Lectures. Daniel Barenboim, who I'd never heard of until now, has been an absolutely brilliant choice to deliver them. Over the course of five weeks he's discussed issues of music - from the poetics of how it affects us to the abuse it may undergo in the wrong hands - with wit, sharpness, poetry, and perception. The only downside, as Marcel Berlins points out, is that he's a terrible snob who can't conceive of any good music beyond his own love of high classical. Still, just carry it over to whichever kind you're into. But still; go and listen! This is absolutely compelling radio.

After tea, tonight, I happened to glance down at the floor at what I'd assumed was a crumb of food. When I bent down to clear it up, I found it was a mouse's face that'd been carefully removed behind the eyes. It was truly one of the strangest things I've ever seen! Welcome to the world of Hannibal Lecter...

Monday, May 08, 2006

the red hot self-parodies

It's quite a relief to find such articulate rudeness about the Red Hot Chilli Peppers - now my vague irritation with them has a voice! Hurah!

"Seeing as Smash Hits is no longer with us, it's my duty to supply you with the lyrics to the new single by this over-rated and much-loved (by themselves, ho, ho, ho) American rocky-funky-bendy-bandy. Here goes, sing along: "a hip henna henna hoo/a hoo henny hen/ Haliforniha" repeat x35. Surely it's not just me who hears Vic Reeves' pub singer accompanied by Mark "chin-high bass" King from Level 42? It is? Sorry, rocky-funky fans." Johnny Dee.

"I'm forever near a stereo saying, "What the fuck is this GARBAGE?" And the answer is always the Red Hot Chili Peppers." Nick Cave.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

the politics of a nation

Whose faith? Whose country?

In one swoop, with today's House of Common's statement, Charles Clarke has managed to persuade me that he should go after all. Rather than seriously commit to implementing the current system properly, whereby convicted foreign nationals are considered for deportation, he now wishes to change the system, such that: "The guiding principle will be that foreign nationals guilty of criminality should expect to be deported." Such a shallow response, nakedly appealing to every prejudice to expel any troublesome element from our country in an effort to appear 'tough' and 'decisive', has shredded any sympathy I might have had with the idea that he should stay and clear up the troubles. He's just overreacting and trying to mask the troubles.

With voting going on in the local elections tomorrow, and the apparent threat of the BNP in some areas, it’s worth flagging up the latest exploits of those committed to the deportation of all people with any immigrant link whatsoever. A group has been set up, calling itself The Christian Council of Britain, which is said to be a facade for the BNP to try and establish links with right-wing Christianity. Except it’s such a sham that even Christian Voice have renounced any association with this new group, expressing concern about its racist motives (though their full list of charges is a bit crazy, including pagan revivalism!)

But the BNP can certainly keep their ugly mitts off, given that a paramount vision in Christianity is for complete equality and emancipation of all peoples. Indeed a radical transcendence of all that makes us different, acknowledging our unity and diversity. Giles Frasier sums up the insanity of the BNP’s attempts to tie our faith up with a hateful, distorted, racist, nationalism very well:

"But what is so utterly ridiculous about the BNP's desire to defend "Christian culture" is that the vast majority of Christians in the world are not white. The average Anglican, for instance is a black woman living in Africa. Moreover, if Jesus were ever to walk this green and pleasant land, the BNP would be committed to his repatriation. Even their great love of St George is a joke: George was either Turkish or Palestinian, and his legend migrated to this country from the Middle East."