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Monday, November 07, 2005

get the red

figure 91.9. know your place

The often brilliant Myrina Hyde wrote a breezy take on celebrity religion over the weekend. So while I try my best not to set my newly decourated bedroom on fire with 20-year-old candles, have a read. There are so many great moments, but this paragraph gets the gist nicely:

"This week, Madonna addressed the continuing derision concerning her embrace of Kabbalah, saying there'd be less fuss if she'd "joined the Nazi party". Well, quite. Sure, it's a fake-Jew cult where you don't get protected from the evil eye unless you buy a red string bracelet that costs £15 (and that doesn't come with a free £14 note). And, yes, they did send over hundreds of cases of their £4-a-bottle water to tsunami victims, somehow contriving to make Marie Antoinette look like she'd had 20 years' experience on Red Cross feeding programmes. But you know what? At the Los Angeles Kabbalah centre, they have celebrity pews."

Who needs awkward and trifling matters like equality and social justice, after all, when you can buy salvation? Pity the rest of us poor proles who aren't special, and can't afford the secrets of a good life. Or even a nifty jewellery-encrusted Jesus pedant.


Blogger ash said...

It is rather fun isn't it?

people will always shy away from any religion which is costly to them in time and effort and so on. This is why people would prefer to buy a bracelette than dedicate their lives to diligently following the teachings of a religion.

This is why people would rather own a few Matt Redman CDs, a WWJD bracelet and go to church once a week than spend time reading the Bible, reading theology, talking to their vicar and praying, meditating and living a holy life.

it's all just too costly. Because, ya know, Jesus was a radical. Had all these crazy ideas about selling posessions and helping people who are poorer than you. yeah, that old chesnut.

and God forbid we should have any moral epiphany! no no, banish these thoughts of good deeds and stick ol' Matt on and warble along "na na na na na hey!"

7:06 AM  
Blogger postliberal said...

Who's a sarky boy, then, hehe?

I feel a bit bad whenever I go on about the whole consumerist religion thing, in a way, cos I have to aknowledge that I'm as partial as they come with religion. I don't do enough, often the minimum to get by being nice. Finding ways to remember the challenge of a just and compassionate God, rather than one that fits my ego, is a constant issue.

12:33 AM  
Anonymous Donna said...

Celebrities, right wing evangelicals, fundamentalists with a proclivity for terrorism, religious-minded individuals after the mighty dollar (selling their kitschy goods)...etc., have damaged the reputation of those who practice their faith with a modicum of integrity.

11:08 PM  
Blogger postliberal said...

Actually there are a few fundied and hardliners are similarly antithetical to the commercialisation even of our spiritualities. Subcultures, and thier associated need to commodify everything that they produce as a sanctified alternative to the existing 'secular' worlds things, can be found right across the span of religious sensibility. And, strangely or otherwise, the greatest commodification can be found in the most tolerant forms of new religion, such as new age and neo pagan forms. Strange, cos, as with New Labours assumption that people want 'chioce' of everything from schools to knee operations, some people actually seem to think that unlimited pseudo-shoppin experiences are the most credible future of religions!

12:46 AM  
Blogger John Hewitt said...

Well, Kabbalah does seem a very commercial organisation and Madonna seems a material girl.

But me, silly billy that I am, I just don't get the connection between these things and "Get the Red," social hierarchies or knowing your place.

10:10 AM  

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