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Monday, October 24, 2005


Figure 46.1. hot ideology

It's easy to see how often I read the Guardian, given how much I end up quoting stuff from its comment pages. I find much of the politics and social outlook there very amenable, despite the odd glitch. But one big issue I come against so often is how many of the contributors display an anti-religious sentiment that borders of the ridiculous. It's frustrating, to me, that left-leaning and liberal approaches seem to be perceived, by many, as mandating a secularism that denies any sacred or sacramental outlook.

Polly Toynbe is the archetypal indignant pontificator, here for example. Indeed in context this piece, calling for the toleration of silly religious people so long as it's for the cause of good works, seems positively inviting - though it doesn't go so far as to regard us religious people as fully Guardian-ites. The general line seems to be one of anger or pity for those of us infantile enough to confess a faith, and terrible enough to impose it on others (ie. let it affect how we live our lives). I have to vent every so often, cos this bothers me a lot.

But the regular weekly religious column often does a good job of blasting many simplistic assumptions expressed elsewhere in the pages. And the latest, from Giles Fraser, is a stunner. It's not online yet, but follows some points made earlier. Here's my favourite section:

"Many born-again atheists remain trapped in a 19th-Century time warp, reheating the standard refutations of religious belief based on a form of rationalism that harks back to an era of fob-watches and long sideburns. One Oxford don has called the website of the National Secular Society a "museum of modernity, untroubled by the awkward rise of postmodernity"...This commitment to Victorian philosophy turns to farse when secularists describe themsleves as free-thinkers. In truth, atheism is about as alternative as Rod Stewert."

A-men brother!


Blogger hatchris said...

Now that is brilliant! Perhaps we should round up all the secularists and force them to play this for 24 hours...........


That ought to tickle your funny bone...

7:52 PM  
Blogger Alanna_Halfelven said...

Why's that bloke got women's legs?

He he! When I first saw that album cover in shops I couldn't quite make the pic out! His trousers are black so all I saw was that woman's legs :-p

10:00 AM  
Blogger postliberal said...

Chris -

Ta for the link, you seem to be performing a most noble service of pointing this kinda thing out!

Alanna -

I think it's meant to show that he's still got a charismatic appeal for the ladies - indeed that there's lots of sexyness all round (hense he has a girl semi clad hanging out, golly gosh). I think it brilliantly sums up just how embaressing Rod seems to have become, from his haydays...

2:32 PM  

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