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Thursday, August 04, 2005

explicible (sic)


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The Conservatives have caught my eye again - I hope I don't seem like I'm developing an obsession, after tories and faith fairly recently. But it seems as if a couple are being half sensible at the moment in what they're saying. Just.

I'm referring to Dominic Grieve, a tory who had the gumption to come out and say the London bombings are "totally explicable in terms of the level of anger". This seemed all the more so, in the light of reactions. People leapt on him for condoning terrorism, for giving succour to evil people, and so on. In fact I heard a very odd exchange on the radio this evening, with Boris Johnson (bumbling in support) set against Peter Hitchens (spitting in rage) in discussion. When so many people seem unwilling to face up to the background this violence rests in, as if trying to understand something is the same as approval, his words are a welcome note. They have a sanity the pseudo-lefty 'get out of Iraq and we'll be alright" rhetoric is lacking - I don't think causality is a simple matter, and yet I don't think this is a simple isolatable crime that doesn't need wider reflection. I hope he doesn't face the same fate as Jenny Tonge.


Blogger Martin said...

Is that a deliberate misspelling in the title?

Good God, Laurence praising a Tory MP, where do we start.

I don't think anyone regards this as an isolatable crime, but I think probably the trap Mr Grieve has fallen into is that people like the loathsome Peter Hitchens can't tell the difference between an explanation and a justification. As you say, understanding and approval.

Not lounging about with the daisies today then? :-p

10:22 AM  
Blogger postliberal said...

No, after a days spent pulling up burdocks and ragwort (which is now aparently illegal) and a days spent scrambling through apple trees to do thier summer pruning, I've booked with one of my 'clients' for the week after next (which will be the family holiday) to get some serious spadework in.

So the lounging will be purely for the fun of it!

12:23 PM  
Blogger Martin said...

Of course.

What actually did happen to Jenny Tonge, by the way? Was she just sacked from the Lib Dem front bench? That's hardly any punishment at all - I'd happily hide from Mark Oaten

7:31 PM  
Blogger postliberal said...

I believe that was 'all' that happened, in the aftermath. I have to say I've noticed how slightly unnerving that Oaten is, too. His mannerisms are a little distracting, even without looking at what he actually says (which is sometimes odd, given that he's one of this 'orange group' faction of the party).

12:53 AM  

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