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Saturday, June 11, 2005

a tale of two

figure 45.1. true lies

Yes, so I've finally got MIA playing in full after ordering it ahead of my cool friend who normally gets this kinda thing before me. The shame of it for her, behind with the zietgist! It's a wonderfully colourful and exhuberent synthesis of world music, reggae, grime, hip-hop. Thus maybe quite different to what the coming Live 8 concerts promise to be, according to the critics. I do wonder about this, and will leave any points making till later. But hopefully all of you, who're able, will be heading up to Scotland for the big demo coinciding with the G8 summit this year. It could be fun, it could have an effect.

Yes, I've finally got onto reading those Philip Pullman books with Northern Lights safely raced through this week. The stories have an easy quality, that just flows, and they kinda tell themselves through the immagery. Like the Just So Stories, but more political - in a loose way, that might fire people's imagination rather than either telling them what to think or dulling thier imagination by sticking to parochial lit light themes. Good for him I say, such oblique wonders are better than silly Richard Dawkins polemics any day.

Right I'm off to bed, and later to join Ruth Ann and Ken at the great Southampton Interfaith walk on Sunday. Toodle pip...


Blogger Martin said...

Much as I love Pullman, I think he does kinda tell people what to think. As for the Dawkins comment, I seem to remember you saying the same long before you gazed upon that lovely alethiometer - a little pre-emption perhaps? :-p

Enjoy your walking!

11:39 AM  
Blogger ash said...

ah marvellous. I'll overlook the zeitgist reference I think, and assume you weren't baiting me :oP

I am a couple of pages away from finishing The Subtle Knife... truely marvellous works! and a tad challenging too, as the best of them.

Live8... to me, this ruins the Make Poverty History idea. The idea was to show the G8 people that the public really care about poverty. if a million do descend on Edinburgh, then that's effective people power. if 50,000 people go to watch some of the world's best rock acts in london for free... that's not a protest, that's a music fan's dream. it is not remarkable. And I think the G8 leaders know that.

You will have a whole load of people who really like music, but who don't really give a toss about poverty. And that will ruin the effect of this campaign if it becomes the media focal point it seems to be promising to be.

1:43 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

Pullman's books were great, but they had an unusual effect on me. I recognised the caricature of the church in the books as rather shallow, which actually encouraged me to ponder the church's good qualities. It also sent me running back to Milton and Blake and the AV Bible, reminding me why I love Christian mythology, and why I see the mysteries of life differently to the characters in His Dark Materials. I won't say any more for fear of spoiling it for Laurence.... :)


PS. Happy marching for Jesus! ;)

11:21 PM  
Blogger postliberal said...

Right right, I've just read the second book now so will deal with that in me next entry. For now, I'll just note that I've got mixed responces to the whole run of musicians involved in this no povery push. It can easily be a bit vapid and a bit opportunist, shallowly taken up and thus obscure the message. But the basic reason that persuades me of at least some merit in it is the same that makes me at least ambivilent about thier choice of mostly wihte western acts. Namely, that this kind of act brings attention to people in western countries to a wider extent than more 'worthy' attempts (such as a lecture, or a more multicultural selection, respectively) might reach.

12:16 AM  

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