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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

green deserts and misunderstandings


figure 45.2. par example

Last Saturday I took a trip to Hopton Quarry. It might not look like much, but then few really do. But it's one of the best places in my area for interesting flora - for I was celebrating ten years this month since I first got into plants. Call it a geeky anniversary or sorts! And I wasn't dissapointed by all the exciting little green things, that happen to be quite rare.

It strikes me as rather strange how people percieve things. Often things that seem messy and junk will be dismissed out of hand, yet something tidy and innocuous yet essntially sterile will be guarded with great energy. Hense greenbelts composed of monoculture farm crops are protected by laws, whilst Cawdor Quarry (just on the other side of the vally from where I live) is going to have a housing estate and supermarket plonked on it. The former is a green desert, the latter is a jumble of orchids and pond life. Oh where is the logic...

...talking of which, there's a rather fine contribution to a debate about the creation and fall story in Genesis by Robert here.


Anonymous Donna said...

I looked at the Hopton Quarry site and to me it actually looks like a nice place to visit. I'm all for getting out of the city from time to time. I hope you enjoyed yourself.

8:13 PM  
Blogger postliberal said...

Oh I did, thanks - it's a lot more attractive than the cursery photo and description does justice. And sometimes it's very easy to take for granted just how nice an area I live in. Then I go to Reading for a visit, with its orange night skies and general Thames vally style, and remember!

3:55 PM  

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