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Saturday, April 30, 2005

what a show

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I'm a big newspaper reader, have been for a long time now. I will sit for ages and delve into the comment pages and goings-on, political and social. But I also get them for the arts coverage - on friday and saturday The Guardian does some fantastic music and visual arts discussions and reviews. Yesturday was no exception, with a rather fun look at the way new bands seem to be hyped up. I had noticed this myself, over time, while listening to radio 1 (whose slogan in the evening is the highly fatuous "in new music we trust" - is that a joke? I can't tell).

The gist seems to be that a band is seized upon, blown up expontenially as more people jump on the bandwaggon, and then dropped when people get bored and move on to the next big thing. It's a cycle of short attention spans and lowered expectations beyond an initial sugar rush of excitment. Kinda reminds me of notions of revival in fact - the way cheap thrills can be generated out of thin air, with the resulting balloon deflating*. Where's the idea of sticking with something, to see how it develops? Or, for that matter, allowing something time to develop before loading on pressures of over-expectation? If all that's expected is a continuing novelty and indulgent hype, the it's going to be dissatisfying. No wonder boppers and spiritual seekers alike are dissapointed in such an atmosphere.

*I wonder, how many conflicting metaphors can you get into a paragraph?


Blogger ash said...

absolutely! I think you've summed up many of my misgivings with contemporary revivalism better than I have managed to to date.

interestingly, I read that article and didn't get nearly so much out of it. Oh how i love bloggingness

1:13 PM  
Blogger postliberal said...

Maybe my connecting with the article comes out of hearing so much hype-up and ongoing promotion of the next big thing on the radio - it's fascinating watching the cycles come and go. I like a flash in the pan as much as the next person, but hearing talk of "the new Frans Ferdinand " or even "the new Bloc Party" makes me want to throw my stereo out the window. Thankfully, there're always CDs to turn to when need be...

1:16 AM  

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