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Saturday, April 23, 2005

ooo la la

figure 45.9. say big up

Today was a marked contrast, musically, to the other. It's been a 'hip-hop' day with a tape of The Fugees that I found at a charity shop. Incidentally the one I got hold of some fantastically cheap acrylic paint from. Anyways, I've been unable not to smile at the exuberance of the music - it's amazing how fine they are together, before they all went off solo and lost a lot of the quality control in time. That means Wycliff John, in particular - he should think of the Tom Jones collaboration and rend his clothes in mourning and repentance. But may he at least not have a religious conversion like Lauren Hill went and did, oh god please no. Let's all just remember them by Fu Ge La, which is funny and glorious. Like De la Soul were. Oh, and I have to plug MIA, who is an utter star. I have to get the album some time - she does some weirdo world music/grimy urban rap hybrid that sounds like it's pulling apart, yet is so arresting.

For those who haven't seen yet, photos of Phill and Steph's wonderful wedding do can be seen over on Martin's space. Be sure to give him a thank you on the way out, so he feels appreciated for the effort put in for the rest of us.

It's another weekend away, this time off to Birmingham for SCM stuff (which I consistently manage to neglect, by sheer dint of never expecting postgrad wranglings to be such an utter farce!) So have fun and play safe, all of you. Till I get back, here's a token bit of verse I have on the go:

I take your liberties,
but you have your way -
you twist and turn and
my palms are scorched.

My best aims are thwarted
by staid realities of daylight.
But still you reside
at my ear, tapping
little irregular patterns.

Though many betray,
you are more faithful than most.
Perhaps you will stay a while.
Everyone I know
gets bored some day.


Blogger Sarah said...

"strumming my pain with his fingers"

a friend of mine killed each other with our vocal chords yesterday. The fugees were indeed legendary

3:17 PM  
Blogger postliberal said...

Sounds intriguing - I hope you both recover from the experience! The Fugees were legendry, until they decided to *ignore* all calls to reform, in favour of indulgent personal 'projects'!

11:13 PM  

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