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"I see little point in persisting in a discussion with one so obstinate as you" Martin White

Sunday, April 10, 2005

it's a magic number

figure 23.8. Trifolium repens, dontcha know

For the sake of variety, there are three matters to attend to this time. So at least you can take your pick.

Firstly a question that plays. Do I talk to someone even though, from experience and instinct, I suspect doing so will sometimes cause me hurt and emotional confusion along the way?

Secondly, the impending election (yes, it had to come in eventually!) There are big dilemmas for many to resolve, like myself. About trying to find a balance between not wanting to support New Labour's less appealing aspects on the one hand, and wanting to ensure against the Conservative's disastrous policies even more on the other. I hope to work them through by May the 5th, with any luck, and any thoughts would be helpful.

Thirdly, as Mary alluded to, there's a rather stimulating - if faintly odd - discussion going on about the nature of art here. I tend towards the view that anything has the potential to be art, and that it's a human constuct - an act of creativity. The variety of responces is very intresting.


Blogger Martin said...

First point - Depends on how frequently they cause you hurt and confusion! I mean, everyone you're ever close to will sometimes hurt or confuse you (that isn't just me being a nihilist!), but it's a matter of degree. Spoken like a lawyer.

Third point - wow, I started that debate :-D

1:22 AM  
Blogger mary said...

1) if it is lurve (apologies if it ain't, just sounded like the thing which would most cause hurt and emotional confusion) i was discussing this yesterday in the context of mrs gaskell's novel north and south, and i came to the conclusion that she was trying to say that you shouldn't piss around if you love someone, just tell them. it may end horribly, but you'll regret it if you don't say anything. as that wee guy in love actually said, "let's go and get the shit kicked out of us by love."
if it isn't, weigh up your experience and instinct. is it really your experience that is influencing your decision, or are you just scared? weigh up all the options and ponder and decide whether, in balance, it would be the right thing to do, to talk to this person. but don't not talk to them for the wrong reasons.

2)in good old northern ireland, you always tend to have to vote for the lesser of two evils. there's the alliance party, but usually it's "is this guy too scary to be let into power?" "well, he is a bit mad, but crikey, look at yer other man!" "good point." you could vote alliance as they seem a heck of a lot more sensible than the PUP and the DUP and sinn fein and what have you, but here you really have to use your vote to make sure the real wierdos don't end up controlling your constituency. i think you said somewhere else that your constituency has a pretty strong conservative (sorry if i'm confused) majority anyway, so in that case i wouldn't vote for a lesser evil, and vote for the green party or summat instead. but it's up to yoooooooooooooou.

3) i agree with you on le art. i hope we can twist it away from the nature of truth though! :-)

10:41 AM  
Blogger Martin said...

*bursts into song*

But only love can break your heart...

A debate on Talkback being turned into the nature truth? I'm stunned.

2:42 PM  
Blogger ash said...

just don't vote tactically. Vote for the party you want to win. because it's still one less vote for them whom you don't want to win, and that way your party may actually have a chance.
So many people vote tactically out of fear. Where does the fear come from? the two main parties pretending they are the only contenders..."vote for us, we're bad but not as bad as them, and if you don't vote for us it WILL be them, and that would be terrible huh?"

3:49 PM  
Blogger Martin said...

Also, without meaning to the boring oaf who hangs about Laurence's comment pages, unless everyone votes for who they actually want then there's no clear reflection of public opinion...

George Monbiot agrees with me on this, and he's one of those people you'd like even if he said we should debate abortion :-)

6:29 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

i think, whatever you "believe in" vote for. Its all very well having opinions if you are not going to back them up. la

8:13 PM  
Blogger postliberal said...

Mary -

On the first. I already have, to some extent. And it had a dual effect of both making things a lot easier for me and relating a lot more fraught. It really does indeed kick you like few things do. But I am finding a way through, as that 'sad poem' might express. As Martin put it well, though, every person will cause weirdness so this shouldn't be a reason to hide from them. Hum, it's a very sensitive thing to run through; but I'm not going to flap in circles here. I know better than that, if nothing else, by now.

On the second. I know in my bones that Michael Howard would be a terrible vengeance on any complacency. I cannot face the very thought, and will compromise a lot to ensure against that. I would even vote New Labour if it was a serious danger - painful as it is to even partially assent to the Alan Milburn bundle. My principles are strongly affecting when it comes to politics, the strongest of which is that conservative policies tend to set me off very badly...

10:18 PM  
Blogger postliberal said...

Martin -

See what beast you've unleashed on the forums ;P

See what you and the great Monbiot say shows how my approach ossilates so wildly. I want to show support for the liberal-green, which is my instinctive inclination. Though such a cause is harmed so much by any chance of tories becoming a government, even more than our present administration.

Ah heartbreak; I say don't even go there if you have half a sane bone in your body.

10:32 PM  
Blogger postliberal said...

Ash & Sarah -

Absolutely. You see! I end up seeing something in everyone's view, thank god it won't be all that long before I can just get it over with and we can get back to being ignored by the politicians. But if nothing else, I will only go so far as conscience permits under scrutiny...

10:37 PM  
Blogger Martin said...

'See what beast you've unleashed on the forums'

That's no way to talk about Phill.

'Ah heartbreak; I say don't even go there if you have half a sane bone in your body.'

Heartbreak it is then...

4:34 PM  
Blogger postliberal said...

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12:25 AM  
Blogger postliberal said...

You really don't want me on that subject, honestly. It's not a pretty mental state, and I'll start thinking outloud.

Far safer to look a politics or the wedding, or anything at all!

But then, who among us is really all that sane anyway?

12:26 AM  

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