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Friday, March 11, 2005

dots in eyes

figure 14.7. the fine line of elements

Me and a couple of close friends (who shall be nameless, cos of old fashioned discretion) often discuss and share our dreams. Theirs seem to be often in comparison - I tell of mine when they come, normally in fits and starts interspersed by dry periods of blank sleep.

Dreams? I often catch myself using this word when talking about ideals in life and religion. I wonder what I mean. Do I want to think about the ideals and aspirations that might be revealed in our dreams? Do I want to think about the utter ambiguity and impenetrable oddness that dreams often play out? Do I want to think about the slightly ambiguous realistic mixture of fearful abandon and pleasurable attachment that can come in the very same night? Do I want to think of the exciting possibilities that are more likely in them? Probably all of these.

In Australian aboriginal cultures, there are the divine stories that tell of the dreaming where relationships and creation occurs in the flux of things. Our sleep is certainly an essential space to allow our selves to assimilate and deal with a day's life, sorting and coming to terms with it. Without our sleep, and the processes of dreaming through our deepest things, we can quickly become fraught and detached from our life. I doubt it's just me that cannot cope without a good night - but then I often daydream, since my earliest school years.

In the same way, maybe we need to weave our dreaming into the flux of everyday life - to allow some of the disconcerting unsystematic outlook to inform our waking. Maybe without so much forced control there might be more space for organic relating and serendipitous events to occur.

If any of that made sense, I'll be suprised - it's late and i must be off to sleep now...


Blogger mary said...

that's really interesting. my dreams are usually just very strange instead of particuarly meaningful - a couple of nights ago i dreamt my sister was an african elephant who ran off with our christmas tree decorations hung on her ears. i'm not sure if i should try to weave that one into everyday life! :-P but i think we should be more open to wierd things, otherwise life would be boring.

11:26 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

i don't know. Is it that dreams are so weird, or that our reactions to them are so bizarre. I've had dreams where its bedlam all round me, everything is going mental and i'm the only one who sees the incredulity - all other actors are totally serene. (Theres a name for this- theatre of the absurd? can't remember)

Other dreams involve my own serenity and complete acceptance of my surroundings despite the utter stupidity and nonsense that they exist in.

Combining dreams into real life is a nice idea, however in your dream you are the only player (unless we believe in dream worlds we visit and communicate in without realising.. again, nice idea). The problem with making the world more dream like is that then we have to become more selfish and self centred, seeing the world through our own eyes without ever an attempt at objectivity or empathy

8:38 PM  
Blogger postliberal said...

Excellent responses there, thanks to both of you. I fear I shall not do them justice, but here goes.

Mary -

Well I'm fairly ambivalent about the more fantastical elements of dreams - though if we take it as pretty much a bundle of symbols and meaningful flags (Heather could tell us more, from a Jungian perspective) then it begins to make more sense. Dreams are where we pull together the ideal, it's just told in a more 'artsy' way than we might talk about in a conversation in our front room!

Sarah -

What you say about the risk of simply wallowing in individualism, by licence, is a very sensible warning. I suppose that, at their best, a lot of the more personal aspects of dreams can help us to come to terms with our place in the world - out of which might develop an ever healthier relating. The symbolism we tell in our dreams usually seems to involve some definition with an 'other' - even at their most existential. That seems quite promising - as long as that dynamic of improvised creativity is carried over intact, undimmed by self indulgent navel gazing.

1:10 AM  

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