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Friday, December 31, 2004

top ten of top tens (well, nearlly!)

Before I can turn to the next year, I need to clear out the dustry corners that I've been sitting in since June this year when this tatty site first started. So in a desperate Q style annual listathon, here's some top 10's of 2004 in no particulat theme - I just like art, hense the first two, and decided to do some shameless self-promotion under the guise of a helpful menu, hense the last:

3 minute singles, & others that last a wee bit longer

(1) 99 problems (Jay Z)
(2) Electronic battle weapon 7 (The Chemical Brothers)
(3) The rat (The Walkman)
(4) Drop it like it’s hot (Snoop Doggy Dog & Pharell Williams)
(5) Take me out (Franz Ferdinand)
(6) Destroy rock and roll (Mylo)
(7) Freakin’ out (Graham Coxom)
(8) Half man, half machine (Goldie Lookin’ Chain)
(9) Four kicks (Kings of Leon)
(10) The letter (P J Harvey)

metalytical poems, other's works I like

(1) The pilgrimage to hells gate/Kalom Sha’r
(2) Unreality/ precious/ Becoming Buddhist by accident
(3) On belief
(4) Time
(5) I am the cliché
(6) Damavand
(7) In search of the divine postcode
(8) The exile
(9) All about me
(10) Musical tapestry/one man's brahman is another man's Christ

menu of comment, posts I'm most pleased with

(1)subjective apokalusis
(2)Godly tower of babel
(3)following the prophet
(4)market forces
(5)the word in the world
(6)two sides to a cause
(7)the tree of life
(8)a new kind of ecumenicalism
(9)kerrygma & dogma
(10) Beenie man & principes

That'll do methinks. Most importantly, let me just drop in a quick blessing for you all: Here's to 2005, may it bring you much goodness and interesting times...


Blogger Martin said...

Your top tens are interesting... Do you mean the Dangermouse version of 99 Problems? Because otherwise I can't technically see how it's a 2004 single...

Woohoo! I get sixth. I need to be censored more often. I also need to work out what I'm going to do with that song. I'll bring my minidisc and play it to you in York

10:42 AM  
Blogger postliberal said...

That there was a Dangermouse remix this year is good enough excuse to include what is a fantastic single in any way in my singles selection...

1:33 AM  

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