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Wednesday, December 01, 2004



Figure 5.7.a window onto the changing life

There’s been some really stimulating discussion on the garden as a picture of theology and our life of faith, here in AndyG's webloggy. Gardens are organic by nature, a garden without living element is really a contradiction in terms.

It’s a theatre of growth, where there’s constant living change. As one swath bursts up, blossoms and dies back to leave its seed heads, another comes to life and sets forth its shoots. Nothing is static, a dynamic of relationship exists between the various elements of herbs, shrubs, bedding, climbers, as they advance on and hold back with each other.

No matter your style and structures, there’s a sense of involvement in walking round through the garden pruning back, planting anew, mulching, watering, admiring. Without cultivation and real investment of yourself, then it becomes a shadow of its potential. They’re formed from a slow and constant collision of you and the elements - mutually shaping each other.

There’s a combination of deep personal investment and involving others, as you bring in guests to admire what’s going on. People feel a connection through the plants you’re appreciating together, together you find bonds through opening up your spaces together, in all their complex subtleties and personal associations.

Involvement can take any shape, the space is one of freedom to be who you want with the elements around - sit on the lawn, eat from the fruit plots, potter in the varied borders, lend a hand with any weeding, admire the colours of the bedding, gaze at the pond’s cool stillness. It’s where you can be yourself and with others equally - social and personal. Ideally it faces in as a self-contained & integrated whole and references, and interacts with it’s surrounding landscape in visual and physical dialogue.

They’re an unrealised collusion of centauries of history; various styles and ways from all over the world assimilated together unselfconsciously into what most serves the time and place and people concerned.


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