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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

the festive spirits


Figure 4.5. get back to what you don't know

Sarah’s been doing some public thinking about the whole Christmas thing - the way it’s often going through its own apparent fall into a sanitised & commercialised mire, and how we might begin it’s redemption.

I reckon maybe the way out of this deepening rut might involve diving back into the pagan roots that Christianity shares our latter day Christmas with. Lets get ourselves acquainted with the raw elements - the warm candles and lights, the dark cold openness out there, the freshness of evergreen leaves, each other in all our flawed uniqueness. So much publicly recognised Christianity at this time is neutered, by familiarity and frilly edged sentimentality. Little blond angels and glittery stars on tasteful cards abound. The primal elements without word could enable us to slip past that docile religion and get basic - to the very stuff that God created from in the narratives of Genesis. Maybe in this tactile embodied celebration, where the schmaltz of cheap tv films and buying stuff is marginalized, we could uncover the spirit of God in our lives. As ever, Rowan Williams writes so well of Jesus:

“…one of the most mysterious bits of our belief in God’s coming in flesh among us: For nine months, God was incarnate on earth, God was human, in a completely hidden way, as a foetus growing in Mary’s womb.“

As we’re reflecting on advent, I think this very earliest story of Christ’s life maybe gives a pointer to how we might nurture new life out of the Christmas that the markets try their best to take for their own. The spirit might bring Christ in our very midst, where even the word was silent and there was just being.


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