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"I see little point in persisting in a discussion with one so obstinate as you" Martin White

Friday, December 10, 2004

an account of that day

Adios for now, I’m heading down to visit the lovely Yvonne and Vegar for a long weekend . Everything’s in progress, I‘ll drop you a few lines to mull over till I return on Tuesday:

upstairs, there’s the last great threat
facing me down with light behind it
it’s big and it's bold
one false mood and I may be running
for many a time to come
the world of projection
seems to give little of the present
or do I simply draw a state of mind onto my retina?

He walked in the desert and saw tempters
are all figments without use and mission?
the curse of symbolism might well
sneak in it’s own obstinate blessings
when I'm looking through the window


Blogger Sarah said...

not entirely sure i understand the poem, laurence!

(tell us news!)

6:53 PM  
Blogger postliberal said...

It was something that came to mind just as I was off, meanings can be up to you. Now news is a' coming soon...

11:25 PM  

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