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"I see little point in persisting in a discussion with one so obstinate as you" Martin White

Thursday, November 04, 2004

the smirk

a small nightmare has beset us, but let us sing along with gusto...

rude awakening/he's back for more/a short history of war warped ethics/the A - Z of stark raving mad/imagine the worst/now imagine worse/remarkable depravity with a global vision/suddenly you can’t think again/it’s as if history never happened/the resurrection of apocalypse/(so good they started it again)/a vacuum of sense filled by scare tactics/fear is the spur to distorted aspirations

the skeletons are dancing to this tune in frenzied abandon, the wolves are circling, the wolves are circling, scary foreigners waiting to pounce

the age of the discontents/all going fuck/the riches held/crazy logic triumphs again in glee/the great protection plan against all enemies will mean dissolving the world/emphasised threats of a constant frontline/counter productive as well as useless as well as bad/back with vengeance/keep quiet/I CAN’T HEAR YOU/sing along and march against the great enemy shadow/forward in in showers of red and blue glitter/forbidden fruit eaten on the road to Abu Ghraib

death chuckles as he blithely counts his dollars, the market looks on approvingly

a lot of violence will ensue but it’s deliciously attractive and there’s no harm done/high on a potent mixture of desire for revenge and stupidity/what’s your freedom got to do with anything in our cause/bastardised fear/safety cannot be guaranteed but we have wishful intentions/polluted regime/like the disease that brings red/the brutal sanctity of complete dehumanisation

bodies piled high, pitched to heaven, with enough bombs Jesus will come back with a flash of light

here come the/grudge spreaders/the passing/the mob/the hex/the vested interests/the deceitful words/the bloodied hands/the malevolent charm/the old ghosts ride again/the smirk


Blogger ash said...

he he
a lot of smirks here! i couldn't access this at school... allegedly you're site contains "material not fit for schools." shame. this is most educational.

perhaps it was the swears... do they not know it was schools who invented them?

4:07 PM  
Blogger postliberal said...

Unsitible material? *Wonderful*, I do believe you've managed to make me disreputable with your contributions to the work! (ie. mostly the swearing, hehe). The unacceptable public face of unrational political discourse...

12:08 AM  

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