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Monday, November 22, 2004

expressions unlocked

Figure 37.0 How does a socially awkward person help make connections?

I got back today from the SCM annual general meeting at Manchester, newly established as my very own authority figure - otherwise know as having a modest place of the group’s general council (aka the national committee). Whatever that will actually mean in practice, at least I seem to be in some position to be able to contribute to helping spread those “good old time” (to wildly misappropriate Billy Graham) inclusive Christian vibes across the country.

I must confess I’m a little ambivalent in one way - my past flirtations with holding voluntary posts as the Reading university Art Soc treasurer and a Woodly Methodist Church stewerd both petered out unhappily with little actually gained on any side. I’m really unsure of my potential to contribute to SCM in the light of them fairly slooshy past experiences. Meetings, the burden of any commitment & responsibility, all in combination with my totally lack of self-confidence in relation to others, are all real problems for me.

But what do I hope to achieve over the next year, apart from having myself a thread of purpose? I think there’s a lot of potential in my position of partial responsibility for the Movement magazine and the Website. And here’s why; I know from experience that there’re a whole lot of people out there who would benefit from the support and inspiration of finding more open expressions of faith, who‘re currently feeling isolated by social pressures or physical loneliness. All it can take is to know comparible people even exist, to help people begin to live their faiths well. The assurance of finding that sympathy, in the context of any kind of affirming community, can be the first step to appreciating your faith in itself. There are many people with great latent potential for contributing a lot to the world, if only they could find their resources unlocked by a comfortable unselfconscious identity. (Rather than seeing it as defective because you don’t fit into norms, are told implicitly or explicitly that your being in any way different to the line of your peers makes you less valuable or able to contribute good). I really hope that these two very public faces of the movement’s collectively inclusive faith might help to connect ever more people, get individuals out of their physical and metaphorical isolation, together unlock talents and gifts of people to the benefit of all.


Blogger ash said...

sounds like quite the mandate... and, frankly, whaat better man for the job than you?! you're over qualified in terms of helping to unite us what need a bit more open churchy thing... and your diplomacy skills far exceed most! i say good luck to you, and SCM looks to be in very compitent hands.

9:24 AM  
Blogger Martin said...

I think you'll do a fantastic job, well done. I just wish you'd told me earlier! :-D

9:42 PM  
Blogger postliberal said...

Why thankyou, I hope your faith in me is justified! (My coyness would be explained by how ambivilent I am about how much I can really do in any capacity)

4:50 PM  
Blogger Martin said...

Well, that and the fact that you're coy about what you had for dinner...

5:59 PM  

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