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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

small tribute

I was scrambling through heather bushes on a steep slope this afternoon, when the lady I was gardening for informed me that John Peel had died. I’m sat here writing while I listen to the tributes on radio 1 this evening, with selections of all the variety we used to get the pleasure of hearing on his slot. Now it's possible to sentimentalise. But to me he was a rare commodity in music radio - someone who was as much a pleasure to listen to as the songs he played, having great warmth and wit. (On BBC radio 1 and radio 4; not forgetting Home Truths of course). And in terms of the music he played, it was always an unexpected eclectic mixture of the very best new stuff. Possibly the best presenter around, a real loss, I’ll miss him hugely. As many have already said, thanks John.


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