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"I see little point in persisting in a discussion with one so obstinate as you" Martin White

Friday, October 29, 2004

baptised dreams

I wouldn’t be able to claim to know what it means to fall. Treading on warm earth, prepares the way of pressing close with another with unexpected release. But it's only in the telling that I found, as in the times the image comes to us all, with clouds of mystery in stead.

The first sign was when you said that you
thought something was missing.
Meaning draining a little of
the life out of life? Yes

You said you noticed how the mere mention
of instincts have been very attractive.
I said maybe that’s just the way things happen
when souls collide.
When you’re missing something you
thought would be there any time;
you get anxious and try to compensate
with constructed affection.
But quickly that becomes dross
in comparison with what’s growing.

Once there were mere words and philosophies
& the formula ruled.
But not this time -
now we’re dealing in the real thing,
100 per cent sharp tangs of feeling.
It’s a rare state, but must be.

I have not come across
anything which unbalances my calm -
there was a gentle thread,
and events were to length away.
But lately I became agitated,
trying to assimilate what had become of me.
Things burst in with insistance
and banged on my minds door
till they were alowed freedom to roam.
Maybe I’ll find some perspective
through living this.
Maybe I'll find this confusion
leads somewhere.
Maybe we’ll come round one day
to the mutual regard by some grace.

Of where we are in life.


Blogger Sarah said...

nice one laurence. cannot articulate my thoughts on this poem sufficiently, other than to say, i like!

3:28 PM  
Blogger ash said...

i'm afraid* i am much in a similar boat to Sarah on this one... it's very good, but as with much of your poetry it takes a while before one can assimilate all the motifs and understand why one likes it...

*afraid because of the boat's inadequecy, rather than because of the company, of course :o)

(i do wish your Blogger people would permit some imagination in HTML... seems we commentors are forever doomed to a world of bold italic and underlined text. ghastly.)

11:00 PM  
Blogger postliberal said...

My aim is, as much as anything, to give enough content and enough openness to allow others to find something in it. To find their own meanings and connections with much variety & subtlety. I don’t want to pin things down and spread them out on a mat, which means they might seem a bit opaque. But I reason that a whiff of impenetrability is better than my being all surface any day. Can I join your boat?

12:19 AM  

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