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Friday, September 17, 2004

we're all walking


figure 8.4. sharing in the Buddha

I’m a little torn in which to take on as a starting point for thinking, from the comments of Brasill66, in the end choosing this one. Maybe the other can wait for me to pick up, the next time I need to spout:

“I think the secret of meditation, not contemplation, is that it removes the diety, any deity , from the spiritual journey. The value of communing with other sinners in a community of sin is? All inward looking philosophies place too much reliance on self for religions to be comfortable with. Just another path...”

I am going to read in my own interpretation here, call this default appropriation. There seems to me to be a certain level of dialogue between the meditation-inclined approach of, for example, Buddhism and the contemplation-inclined approach of, for example, Christianity. And both could well come under an understanding of self.

Both would, it seems to me, see their way as being about finding identity and purpose in relation to other people, rather than inward facing self-contemplation - of individuals or communities. The Buddha didn’t leave once he achieved Nirvana, he returned to be with others and to try and work to their betterment in this life and the possible liberation he wanted to spread. The early followers of Jesus didn’t sit and wait to be raptured, but worked to make the kingdom of God/heaven manifest in their situations. The inspirational figures who brought both into the world each saw the ideal state as an underlying reality, not to be found out somewhere, but in the very stuff of their world - as Jesus put it: “the kingdom of God is in you”. Humans have potential, and we have a common life in working that out. Just another path, but we’re all walking.


Blogger Brasil66 said...

I guess the question becomes, what do you find when you look inward? The vision of a traditional religion will not come to someone who was not raised in that faith group. These pre-meditated and packaged concerns do not arise un bidden from the depths of the unconscious, unless they were placed there. What we confront is self, all self, and all selves. Ours and others. All others. A Universal template. And, again, if given free reign, will provide the stability of mind, to live. I don't bring anything else to it, and I take away, everything.

3:08 AM  
Blogger postliberal said...

Ah now that’s interesting, maybe I would suggest things were a little more connected than you seem to indicate. To me we aren’t self contained units that pack like Lego bricks, more mutually interacting like ants in a colony. And in that shared space, whatever form it might take, we deal in meaning - to look at it purely alone would be a kind of ontological & spiritual incest, where things quickly go a bit awry. Thus looking inward is not an end in itself, the quest for a vision isn’t to be found in the pinpoint of your self, so much as in the interface of our selves. Freedom is in the other, and that is communal meaning.

12:11 AM  

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