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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Greenbelt 5. St Paul the saviour

A great talk by some one very reputatble (see a pattern? I'm rubbish with names) on how in his time and place St Paul was a very subversive figure, speaking out for holistic freedom in such a way as to bring identity and purpose even to those who would never find physical freedom from thier political slavery. His concern was not to lay down rule, though it has been a tempting exegetical bad habit for the church, in approaching his letters...

...we missed communion this morning, ah dear, but should make up for it later by seeing the great Rowan. Now I should be off and be sociable in some way...


Blogger Andy said...

I often think we mistreat St Paul. He's an odd character certainly, very zealous and often quite antagonistic against those who don't share his opinion, but he does have a great deal of good to say. Our uber-liberal school chaplain confessed in a sermon that he had completely avoided St Paul's letters throughout his theology degree. However, he had since taken the decision to explore the epistles with us throughout the term. To his surprise, our chaplain found that he gained a respect for Paul, impressed with his genuine concern for the churches and the unceasing energy with which he attended to them. I believe St Paul has something to offer us on the mystical level as well. He was someone who wrote a great deal about his own relationship with God, which involved visions and discoveries of the Christ within. Finally, as you say, he was a liberator. For him Christ was about freedom, and the law was now behind him. From Pharisee to Christian was a colossal step for him. This is why there is supreme irony in the fact that his letters are often treated in such a legalistic way.

4:25 PM  
Blogger Martin said...

It was Morna Hooker by the way. She puts it about a bit, according to Graeme. Which is rather unfortunate, with a name like that.

9:58 PM  

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