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"I see little point in persisting in a discussion with one so obstinate as you" Martin White

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Greenbelt 4. it says

Some one, who I can't recall, was talking about the bible an homosexuality. This used to be my pet subject (rather like it's now Ruth Ann's, hehe), and so I appreciated the way he demonstrated how complex and subptle the scriptural record actually is. For example, how many people take the time to notice that 'unnatural'/'not according to nature' was actually used by St Paul in terms of the Jew/Gentile divide and not about any human physiological norms? (Bearing in mind that the metaphor of wild and cultivated olive trees being binded together sees God axcting through Jesus in a way contrary to nature). The divine archetype clearly needs condeming by Anglican Mainstream...


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