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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Greenbelt 1:little red riding hood angel

We arrived and found a camp space and feasted on baked beans & bread. A nobel start.

Last night St Luke's hosted a mass, thematically entitled 'spirit mass'. I was worried it would be a very ethereal affair, but in the end was very grounded. We were encouraged to sense the floor and setting, were sprinkled with water by Dave Thomlinson (the former post evangelical was officiating), and took the elements, to various music. Good wine! The alter was a scene in red, with a four armed cross, looking for all the world like a gothic red riding hood spread against the wall, and a cross set in an ice block, flames set on either side as a hybrid between alter candles and an anchient fire cult.

As per usual in alt worship type things, the projected liturgy parts they put up for us to join them were very diffcult to see; some parts distorted by the sheet screen which held them up to see, some blocked by other people, and some simply by my poor long range vision. I'm sure there's a metaphor in that for our interacting and sharing faith with each other.


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