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Sunday, August 01, 2004

a foundational bit

What are paradigms? As far as I've gathered the term refers to how we all have our way of looking at the world, a conscious and unconscious system, patterns of thought, worldview, a cultural and societal approach to life that varies from place to place, people to people, and group to group. A crude example might be what some call ‘the Islamic world’, or the spectrum of associations and memory layers that come with ’Sunday lunch making it’s full appreciation limited to experience. Dave Thomlinson and Brian Mclaren describe it very well in the context of faith through the simple terms needed for us ordinary people.

They are an expression of our intrinsic distinctiveness. But they can become fossilised and unresponsive to that reality of human variety. Here is where abuses can, and do, occur; through sectarianism in all it’s many masks, or attempts to impose on and control others. Jonathan Sacks has described a lot of this with great subtlety and appreciation with The Dignity of Difference.


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