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Thursday, August 05, 2004

ecce homo


Currently reworking an essay on Jesus Christ and art into a two-parter. The challenge to current visual artists of their responsibility to the rest of us, their mandate to present the transcendent divine made tactile human. A quote that is pivotal in my approach comes from reading Mass Culture (edited by Pete Ward):

“The incarnation was specific to the culture of first-century Palestine, not as a limitation but as a demonstration and guarantee that the gospel of Christ could take specific root within each culture and era.”

It was Rowan Williams’ comments that turned me on to a bit of lateral thinking on images of Christ, have a look for yourself here.


Blogger postliberal said...

Don't you love it when technology plays up? In this case the system don't seem to like my last sentance, and is trying various combinations of cutting bits of it out, including the link. ah well. In case anyone was wondering, the piece which took residence on the Trafalgar Square's 'empty plinth' for a time is by Mark Wallinger.

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