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Thursday, July 01, 2004

this and that

Today was a joint pilgramiage with a friend to the Tate Modern, reaquainting myself with some of the finest art of the last centaury. That great temple to art - set on an axis facing St Paul's Cathedral, the other major temple of London - included some of my favourite artists. I would recommend the work of these to anyone for thier wit, creative freedom, and ingenuity in finding no visual paradigms (yep, had to get a pretentious word in somewhere). See if they can get your expressive side going:

Sigmar Polke
Howard Hodgkin
Kurt Schwitters
David Hockney
Georges Braque

And for anyone who isn't convinced of the importance of visual art in the scheme of things, here's an attempt to set out a possible role of artists in the missio dei, the overall mission of God.


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