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Thursday, July 08, 2004

no more persecution for you

They might well have been right, today it's peeing it down over Matlock.

Exciting news. It seems David 'Judge Dredd' Blunket wants to have another stab at passing a law outlawing any comment which might be construed as derogatory towards people based on religion. Alright maybe I’m exaggerating a little, effectively it looks like an equivalent to anti-racism law.

The BBC report

This might be fair enough, the law should work against prejudice of any sort, and I’m not always happy about the sometimes rampant derision of people with faith (often in the name of rational modernity, when it’s become every more apparent that people are irrational and we all seem to have a spirituality of some sort). But is such a crude measure really the best way?

It does seem to come close to that delightful ban on religious symbols in French schools – actually a self defeating move in the name of tolerance. I can see people resenting special protection afforded to those of who are part of organised religion, especially if there is a limit on the satire which necessarily keeps us on our toes.

But then if it winds up Richard Dawkins and Polly Toynbee nicely, then I won’t mind too much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's another step toward that law they tried to pass saying that faith groups couldn't refuse to employ someone on faith grounds... so if a muslim applied to be our church youthworker we couldn't refuse them simply for being a muslim.
which, when you think about it, is rather dense.
so what we have here as a more nazi-esque stepping proceedure: they can't get us in one fell swoop so they'll do it in stages. stars on arms anyone?


12:50 PM  
Blogger postliberal said...

I am certainly of the mind that this is a self-defeating proposal, much in a comparible way to the French law on religious symbols. There is a certain level of reducing the respect of religion in the name of it - people are likely to be resentful as a result.

But having said that I think it unlikely that there's ever going to be such a requirement on employment criteria. After all, parts of the Church are still allowed to get away with descrimination on the grounds of gender and sexuality - which is itself rather immoral in my opinion (yes a liberal can use that word!)

12:12 AM  

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