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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

easy money

I finally have links up, a mixed bag of creative and engaging writers with various shades of outlook. But all, in my view, inspiring people. One of them, Maggi Dawn (who is a fellow post liberal, it seems) did a rather nice thing by coincidentally using the same camp fire image as I have on my main website front page - it's great for me to be associated in any way!
In other, less marvelous, news it seems that Tony Blair's going to get tough on the 60's. Rather than railing against any liberal consensus of that time, instead of throwing prison sentances around and talking tough, I would suggest it more pressing (if less popular with the Daily Mail) for him to take on the 80's selfish individualistic materialism consensus - which has proved so destructive, and yet is so beguiling to moralisers .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blair isn't going to criticise Thatcher, I don't think. Certainly closer to her ideologically than Harold Wilson anyway!


11:06 PM  
Blogger postliberal said...

Well indeed. I think it's when I began to see how close New Labour's vision was to the selfish Thatcher worldview that I began to go off them in a big way (before it had been unassuming regard).

1:51 PM  

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